#SixOnSaturday: Woman at work

I’m going for a slightly different approach to #SixOnSaturday this week to mark the fact that this is a bank holiday weekend that I’ve set aside to spend gardening! I’ve got loads of stuff I want to achieve over the next three days so I’ll be writing this post in stages as I get jobs done. So do check back periodically over the weekend if … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Woman at work

#SixOnSaturday: A blue and whiter shade of pale

I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden this week, mainly just sitting and soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible! That’s not to say I haven’t gardened, more that the gardening I have done has been overwhelmingly of the indoor pricking out and potting on variety. After last week’s splash of oranges, yellows and purples, this Saturday the spotlight is on those … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: A blue and whiter shade of pale

Garden snapshot: 11-17 April

I’ve loved being back in my garden after a few days away last week. There’s a lot going on, and while most days have started out pretty cold, there’s also been plenty of sunshine. I think all the planting is benefitting from having been in situ for the best part of a year. I think that’s particularly true for the clematis (see below) which is … Continue reading Garden snapshot: 11-17 April

#SixOnSaturday: The perks of being a wallflower

You knew it was only a matter of time! Now that the daffodils have finished, the biggest hits of colour in my garden are coming from the wallflowers (erysimum) and I love them! The main image in the top collage is of a group of pots immediately outside my back door (which is 50% window) which means I walk past them all the time. It’s … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: The perks of being a wallflower

#SixOnSaturday: London in the springtime

I’m down at my parents’ for a few days so this week’s #SixOnSaturday comes from their spring garden and I’m not sure I have very much to say about it; I think it probably speaks for itself! My own garden was looking good before I left on Tuesday with tulips in particular looking ready to burst into bloom. I’m just hoping that I don’t miss … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: London in the springtime

#SixOnSaturday: A view from the bench

I’ve gone for a slightly different approach to #SixOnSaturday this week, inspired by the view from my bench as I’ve either soaked up the sun or shivered in the cold this week! Simply put, this is what I see directly in front of me whenever I sit in the garden. I’m not sure I can claim that this is a ‘planting scheme’ that I’ve planned … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: A view from the bench

Garden snapshot: 21-27 March

I almost didn’t bother with a garden snapshot today – largely because I was out volunteering again – but then I thought that actually it might be nice to reflect just a little bit in the changes that the garden’s seen this month. Obviously the big one’s been the long-awaited arrival of the final raised bed. While on a lot of levels I wish I’d … Continue reading Garden snapshot: 21-27 March