#SixOnSaturday: Next steps

It’s been a week since I shared something of my Big Idea for the next… well, who knows how long?! It’s always a bit scary putting something that’s been fizzing away in your head for a while out into the ether, but the handful of responses I’ve had so far – some here, some on social media, some from people I’ve talked to in actual … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Next steps

#SixOnSaturday: Six impossible things

Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.’ ‘I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’ Lewis Carroll It’s been a funny old year: endings and beginnings and everything in between! I jacked … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Six impossible things

#SixOnSaturday: Horticultural no-brainers

I’m back – did you miss me?! I’ve realised that somewhat inevitably the point in the year in which there’s actually moderately interesting stuff to blog about, there’s also too much else going on to be able to carve out the time! There were all manner of things I could have included in this week’s #Six but I decided to keep it simple and focus … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Horticultural no-brainers

#SixOnSaturday: Cut flower power

I finally made it back from Waddesdon on Wednesday evening after almost four weeks away from Leicester. I really enjoyed my extended stay in Bucks but I was pretty apprehensive about the level of carnage I’d find in the house, garden and allotment when I got back! On balance I think the apprehension was justified, although by some miracle the allotment in particular had survived … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Cut flower power

#SixOnSaturday: Waterperry Gardens

I’m currently having what amounts to an unplanned but, as it turns out, timely mini-break! I’m in the latter stages of recovery from last week’s ankle sprain but I opted not to go back to Leicester having found cover for all my various commitments this weekend. I therefore found myself with four days with no responsibilities but the ability to drive again! On Thursday I … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Waterperry Gardens

#SixOnSaturday: Trowels, trees and tractors

So, I readily admit that this is probably one of my least interesting #SixOnSaturdays to date!!! The main reason for this is that having busted my knee a couple of weeks ago falling over on the way to the hairdresser’s, on Wednesday I busted the opposite ankle tripping over at work at Waddesdon! I’m currently held together with tubigrip and painkillers and spent yesterday afternoon … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Trowels, trees and tractors

#SixOnSaturday: Endurance watering

We’re back at Waddesdon Manor for #SixOnSaturday today. Watering was the dominant theme of my week this week, as it was in gardens across the UK during our little mini heatwave! On Monday I was posted to the greenhouse where I spent the whole day literally just watering. I think it’s the first time since I started my internship that I’ve had sole responsibility for … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Endurance watering

#SixOnSaturday: Plot 35

It’s a lesser-spotted allotment #SixOnSaturday from me today! Although I have been spending regular chunks of time on the plot in recent weeks, most of my time there has been spent trying to claw the whole thing back from the chaos that unfolded in the month after I’d started at Waddesdon when I didn’t make it up there at all. Today’s been the first time … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Plot 35

#SixOnSaturday: The Platinum Jubilee edition

I’m back in my secret garden this week and it appears that I’ve managed – genuinely coincidentally – to rustle up an almost red, white and blue #SixOnSaturday! I acquired this astrantia – which I’m guessing might be ‘Shaggy’ – from the plant stall at Kelmarsh Hall last summer. I divided the clump into two; this half has done really well but the other has … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: The Platinum Jubilee edition

#SixOnSaturday: Smashing the patriarchy…one formal lawn at a time

Although I regularly report back on my week at Waddesdon Manor, I realised a few days ago that I haven’t yet featured my internship in a #SixOnSaturday post. So to mark the fact that this week felt a bit like the start of a new phase, here we go! This was the week in which I started to gain a little bit of independence and, … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Smashing the patriarchy…one formal lawn at a time