#SixOnSaturday: Plot 35

It’s a lesser-spotted allotment #SixOnSaturday from me today! Although I have been spending regular chunks of time on the plot in recent weeks, most of my time there has been spent trying to claw the whole thing back from the chaos that unfolded in the month after I’d started at Waddesdon when I didn’t make it up there at all. Today’s been the first time … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Plot 35

#SixOnSaturday: The Platinum Jubilee edition

I’m back in my secret garden this week and it appears that I’ve managed – genuinely coincidentally – to rustle up an almost red, white and blue #SixOnSaturday! I acquired this astrantia – which I’m guessing might be ‘Shaggy’ – from the plant stall at Kelmarsh Hall last summer. I divided the clump into two; this half has done really well but the other has … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: The Platinum Jubilee edition

#SixOnSaturday: Smashing the patriarchy…one formal lawn at a time

Although I regularly report back on my week at Waddesdon Manor, I realised a few days ago that I haven’t yet featured my internship in a #SixOnSaturday post. So to mark the fact that this week felt a bit like the start of a new phase, here we go! This was the week in which I started to gain a little bit of independence and, … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Smashing the patriarchy…one formal lawn at a time

#SixOnSaturday: Budding stars

My secret garden is going through what I hope will be a brief transition phase. The daffodils and grape hyacinth are finished. The tulips – almost universally underwhelming this year – won’t be around much longer. But the garden is full of buds. I acquired this astrantia from the plant stall at Kelmarsh Hall about this time last year. So far as I can remember … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Budding stars

#SixOnSaturday: No rest for the wicked

It’s peak tulip season, as I’m sure is evident from the wealth of images from across gardening social media and blogs, so the time has come to join in the fun. As ever, I bought my tulips from Sarah Raven. The main image is from the Bold and Brilliant collection and I think it’s probably Mariette. Top right, Spring Green, bottom right, Groenland, and bottom … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: No rest for the wicked

#SixOnSaturday: Natural beauty

Slightly different perspective for #SixOnSaturday this week. My digs at Waddesdon are right next door to the parish church and for the last three weeks I’ve been meaning to take a wander through the churchyard. I appreciate that this might not appeal to everyone, but it’s clearly a very well-kept space, with regularly mown grass and a path lined with flowering trees which winds its … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Natural beauty

#SixOnSaturday: Softly, softly

Soft yellows and greens are the standout colours in my secret garden this weekend! A couple of years ago I bought a collection of four or five ferns. Most fell by the wayside a bit – largely due to my incompetence – but this athyrium niponicum ‘Ursula’s Red’ has quietly made itself at home. I initially planted it in one of my raised bed but … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Softly, softly

#SixOnSaturday: New beginnings

This week’s #SixOnSaturday is a bit of a mish-mash, but, given that the last couple of weeks have also been a bit of a mish-mash, that seems appropriate really! Wallflowers (erysimum) are dominating the garden at the moment. I can’t remember where the pale yellow variety in the main image came from, just that this is now at least its third spring and possibly its … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: New beginnings

#SixOnSaturday: Out and about

Bit of a ‘news in brief’ approach to #SixOnSaturday today as I’m out most of the day selling candles and plants at a craft fair!! So I’ve cheated a bit with my six and used the stuff from my stall as it’s all plant and flower related! The candles are all floral scented: English Pear and Freesia, Rose, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Summer … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Out and about