The Easter Garden

I’ve just got home after spending the Easter weekend at my parents’ house in south east London. It was pretty gentle and mainly consisted of catching up with family and friends.

Mum’s been faithfully tending the garden for 35 years now and I still love taking a turn, reacquainting myself with familiar flowers and plants and discovering what new ideas she’s dreamt up.

In that spirit, I decided to do a cheeky bank holiday Monday #SixOnSaturday…


1. A few years ago I bought Mum this container for her birthday (I think!) and as far as I’m aware that cordyline / phormium (I’m never sure which is which) is the one remaining element from the plants I originally put in the pot. This year she went a bit mad with Sarah Raven tulips and I think the result is great!


2. One of the things I particularly love about Mum’s garden is that she’s really relaxed about letting things self-seed and grow into cracks and crevices. The result is glorious corners like this euphorbia / bluebell combo.


3. The area of the garden nearest the house gets very little sun, except first thing in the morning. This area by the fence fares even worse so it’s a perfect spot for ferns and…


4. …primulas!


5. Back in the day, the end of the gardens on Mum and Dad’s road were boundaried with a long row of poplar trees, presumably planted around the time the houses were built at the beginning of the last century.

These have gradually disappeared having become monsters which cut out a huge amount of light from the newer houses that now back onto Mum and Dad’s. Theirs was one of the last to go, and it was a genuinely painful occasion.

But the result is that the neighbours aren’t the only ones benefitting from more light; Mum now has a whole new area of the garden to work on! So far she seems to be going for a bit of a self-seeding / native plants-type vibe hence this amazing patch of forget-me-nots into which this lone honesty plant has inserted itself!


6. And finally to the apple tree under which we built dens, ate picnics and read stories. It’s on its last legs but it’ll always have a particular place in my gardening heart.

So that’s just a little whistle-stop your of Mum and Dad’s garden. I’ll be back there in June so will endeavour to do a midsummer follow-up…

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