#SixOnSaturday: Hosta Heaven


I love hostas! I can’t really remember when I bought my first one but it must be the best part of twenty years ago.

I’ve had my eye on J Parker’s Designer Hosta collection for some time now and this year I bit the bullet. They arrived earlier in the spring and were potted up without incident. I’d have preferred to use terracotta pots – because they look nicer and, you know, aren’t plastic – but I think I must have been a bit strapped for cash that weekend…

Once they started to emerge I top dressed them with gravel and then a couple of weekends ago I moved them, along with some ferns and hellebores, to the darkest corner of my garden in the hope that I could create something moderately interesting there! The early signs are good and certainly nothing seems to have suffered from the relocation.

So what do we have? Well, top row hostas…

1. Halcyon, 2. Fire and Ice, 3. Whirlwind and 4. Lakeside Cha Cha

Bottom row…

5. White Feather and 6. …well, who knows?! This is one of the faithful hostas that’s followed me around! It could be a baby of a baby of my original hosta (although I doubt it); more likely it’s something I picked up half price or as a pack of three at Wilko a few years ago. Regardless, I love it for just faithfully coming back year after year and being possibly the least demanding thing in my garden!

And now I’m back indoors on the sofa in two jumpers and my slippers to escape the cold, wind and rain!! Happy April, everyone!

(#SixOnSaturday is hosted by The Propagator.)

13 thoughts on “#SixOnSaturday: Hosta Heaven

    1. It’s tricky, isn’t it?! I’m fortunate that having a small courtyard garden means slugs and snails are significantly less of an issue. I’ve heard garlic spray can work well but I’m guessing you’ve probably tried that. I did copper bands on my pots last year but that didn’t seem to make a huge amount of difference. Good luck! PS your garden looks amazing!!


  1. That’s funny, I got 3 of those from Parkers in the autumn, as bareroots. Whirlwind, lakeside cha cha and halcyon. Halcyon never appeared, all dead. But the other two are fab. I’ve got a few others as well. I love them but the snails and slugs do too…

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  2. S&S are on every hosta grower’s mind today. Someone mentioned on another post, using vaseline around the edge of the pot. Anyway, I have to admire your determination, because yours are lovely. I’ve only allowed myself one – Big Daddy – & he’s big enough that he seems to only get a little bit of nibbling.

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  3. I am another Hosta fan, but living in the south-west where it rains every single month means that they only provide lunch (and breakfast and dinner) for the S&S. I have heard that the thicker leaved ones do better so I am on the look out for ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ a miniature one.

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