#SixOnSaturday: Flower Power?

I have, by some miracle, managed to find six different flowers from six different plants to include in my #SixOnSaturday this week!

1. Clematis Westerplatte, one of last year’s cheap plant purchases from Morrison’s. There are plenty more buds too!

2. Lamium, inevitably from my mum; just sits in a pot and does its thing! Needs regular watering but copes admirably when it doesn’t get it!

3. Stock Brompton mixed, a £1 packet of seeds from Wilko which survived the rigours of being sown and then not potted on and are proving to be a very reliable source of both colour and scent in the garden.

4. Strawberries! Yes, that’s how short I am on flowers at the moment that I have to resort to including these in my six! I have strawberries in a tall, not particularly big, planter and generally get enough fruit that I can grab a handful as I walk past.

5. Holly (ilex), £1 from Homebase reduced from £8! The thing I’m enjoying most about these (I bought two, because why wouldn’t you?) is that I’m discovering hollies are why more interesting than I’d realised! These have dark green, almost burgundy, foliage, red berries in the winter (which I’m hoping the birds will appreciate) and then this gorgeous bright green foliage and teeny tiny flowers.

6. And, last but not least, this azalea bought for half price (£1.50) nearly dead from Morrison’s and labelled, helpfully, ‘azalea’… So any ideas about what this one’s called gratefully received!

I have peonies and geraniums that are thinking about flowering at the moment so I’m hopeful that there’ll be a bit more flower action to share in the next couple of weeks…

In genuinely exciting other news, I’m hoping over the course of this summer to help some friends do some work on their garden. Theirs is a very different space to mine – a proper back garden, long and thin, that at the moment consists just of a lawn, some mature shrubs and a tree – so it could be a great opportunity to stretch myself and learn some new gardening skills. Bring it on and watch this space!

(#SixOnSaturday is hosted by The Propagator; check out his blog for more info and lots more gardens!)

8 thoughts on “#SixOnSaturday: Flower Power?

  1. Intriguing six; I’m thinking maybe the Lamium is L. orvala alba which I get as an occasional seedling from my purple ones, but yours doesn’t look quite the same. Then I’m scratching my head about the holly which looks like one of the female x meservae varieties and is clearly getting pollen from somewhere as those fruits look like they’ve been pollinated. And you’ve got the velvety texture of the clematis perfectly.

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    1. I know, I’ve very excited about the other garden too; have to keep reminding myself that its someone else’s and they probably have some idea of what they want to do with it!!! Yes, I had the same moment of clarity about holly flowers and berries; glad it’s not just me that had failed to put two and two together 😉

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    1. Yes, almost without exception the plants I’ve bought – and have been bought – from Morrison’s have done really well. Trying to resist the temptation to add more to the collection for the time being!


  2. People used to plant holly by their doors for protection, but foliage & flowers & berries are just as good a reason to have one. Or two, if they’re going that cheap.

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