#SixOnSaturday: Seven on Sunday!

This afternoon I popped into Homebase ‘just to see if they had anything interesting’ and left with a fairly magnificent haul of seven plants for £25!

Now, before you start thinking I’m talking about trays of bedding plants, let me reassure you: said haul consisted of…

1. Hydrangea Black Stem pink, at £10 reduced from £20 it’s the most expensive single plant. Clearly just needs a good drink!

2. A second hydrangea, no indication of variety although technically for indoors I think. I don’t believe in indoor hydrangeas so it will learn to love its new home in the garden, although I will concede that it should probably get to over-winter in the house! Again, needs little more than a good soaking.

3. Three honeysuckle, Tellman, Serotina and one that had lost its label! I may well offer Tellman to the friends whose garden I helped with yesterday. These were all £9 reduced to £2.50!

4. Two clematis Prince George, again £2.50 reduced from £9. And then, brilliantly, because there was a 4 for 3 deal on I then got one of the £2.50 plants free! Again, I may give one or both of these to my friends.

5. One other thing I want to do, particularly with the honeysuckles and clematis, is try and take some cuttings. I’ve just bought Carol Klein’s Grow Your Own Garden in my ongoing quest to get better at propagation so this seems like an ideal time to have a go at something new…

So here endeth another rule-breaking #SixOnSaturday: seven plants and five pics on Sunday! And, more to the point, a haul of seven plants worth £75 for just £25: happy weekend, everyone!

(#SixOnSaturday is hosted by The Propagator; check out his blog for more info and lots more gardens!)

6 thoughts on “#SixOnSaturday: Seven on Sunday!

  1. What a bargain! I bought some summer flowering bulbs and dahlia tubers for 50 each a couple of weeks ago (were £4 and £8) so even if they don’t come to much I have only lost £3 (£32). Already 3 of the 4 dahlias are sprouting.


  2. When prices are that good, it’s so hard not to buy, especially when you have friends you can share with. That first hydrangea looks so interesting. I’ve never heard of indoor hydrangeas, but I hope the 2nd one does really well for you.

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