#SixOnSaturday: Turning over a new leaf

Inevitably, it’s a very soggy #SixOnSaturday this morning!!

Although the garden is – appropriately- looking very January-ish at the moment, there are gratifying signs of new life almost everywhere I look. Two of this week’s six – the tray of primulas and the pots of dianthus – come courtesy of the reduced benches of my local garden centre.

The primulas will just go into the raised beds for a bit of added colour but the dianthus will be raided for cuttings. I’ve feeling a bit more confident with taking ‘proper’ cuttings so I thought it would be fun to have a crack at something new. They’re not really suited to my garden as they need full sun but I’ll give them a go anyway!

Top right and bottom left are my first two hellebores of the year! They look extremely healthy and happy which, given that I moved them last spring, is something of a relief.

Middle right are some baby honeysuckles that I grew from cuttings last year and have survived the very low (for Leicester) temperatures of the last week admirably.

And bottom middle is new growth on clematis Westerplatte. I decided not to cut my clematises back so hard last year which I’m hoping might mean more flowers earlier in the year. But it might not!

Head to The Propagtor‘s blog to see what’s going on in other gardens in the UK and beyond!

Gardening resolution news

I have an allotment update! This morning I went for a very damp visit to the allotment site that’s less than ten minutes walk from my house. I met the allotment co-ordinator and had a tour of the site and a great chat about all sorts of things!

Interestingly, the site explicitly caters for those who want to use their plots as ‘gardens’ rather than just Allotments which, given that I think I’d want to grow a mixture of edibles and ornamentals – including flowers for cutting – this would seem to suit me down to the ground.

There is obviously a waiting list but since this is the time of year when people opt not to renew their tenancy for another year, it sounds like a plot may come up in the next few months, which would be ace.

That said, I do now need to decide whether to plan to sow seeds of edibles I can’t grow in my garden on the off-chance that a plot will come up in time for this summer. Given that I’m obsessed with sowing seeds, it sounds like the perfect excuse to get cracking!!! And I can always give away what I can’t use.

(Random) Acts Of Kindness

Those who’ve read yesterday’s blog post will know that I’ve decided to be more intentional about giving away my excess plants in a bid to spread a bit of kindness. Yesterday afternoon I saw a friend I haven’t seen properly since before COVID and gave her a couple of mint plants which she was thrilled with. And this morning I gave a pot of chocolate mint to the allotment co-ordinator which he described, appropriately, as ‘very kind’!

I think that’s about it for today! Whatever the weather with you this weekend I hope you manage to get your hands in some soil!


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5 thoughts on “#SixOnSaturday: Turning over a new leaf

    1. I’ve got everything crossed!!!!! Yes, it would be great to become part of a proper gardening community; I do think there’s something quite special about the way most (!) gardeners view sharing plants, experience and advice.

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