#SixOnSaturday: How the other half garden

This week I’ve been back volunteering at Launde Abbey for the first time since early December. It was literally freezing cold on Thursday but three hours of winter tidying – mostly dead-heading and weeding for me – certainly kept us all warm!

It was great to see the group of ten or so regular volunteers again, and there was much catching up about Christmas and family and plans for 2022.

In the middle of all this activity, I grabbed twenty minutes to go and check out the propagation that I’d done back in October, and that’s the subject of today’s #SixOnSaturday.

I was amazed to discover that the vast majority of the cuttings I took – including verbena bonariensis, penstemon and purple sage – have survived and thrived! They’re in a roofless greenhouse – it’s slated for extensive renovation work when funds allow – so have a lot of protection but are still open to the elements so I was making no assumptions.

There were rosemary cuttings that have fared far less well but I’m not dwelling on those!

I’d also divided a heuchera, a hardy geranium and a silver-leaved affair whose name I don’t know (do feel free to suggest names in the comments!) and the vast majority of those, along with strawberry runners, are doing well.

So all-in-all, my first day at Launde in 2022 was pretty successful, although I’m now paying the price of the full body workout!!

Head to The Propagtor‘s blog to see what’s going on in other gardens in the UK and beyond!

In other news

I started seed sowing at the beginning of the month and lupins, sweet peas and tomatoes are now starting to appear!

Acts of kindness

The acts of kindness have continued and I’ve given away three more lots of mint. Fortunately, the cuttings on my kitchen window sill are starting to root and I still have a couple of slightly underwhelming-looking plants ready to go!

Today I’m seeing a friend who’s a gardener and has loads of mint herself, so I’m gifting her an aloe instead.

That’s all for this weekend! Enjoy your gardens and don’t forget to wrap up warm!!


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5 thoughts on “#SixOnSaturday: How the other half garden

  1. Woohoo for the cuttings, perhaps the plant fairies are keeping an eye on them? I gave a plant to a friend after reading your post last week. Turns out it had been her birthday, so I got extra Brownie points.

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