#SixOnSaturday: Old friends

I’m mostly revisiting some old garden friends for #SixOnSaturday this week. This sarcococca is just outside my backdoor and at this time of year the scent is almost overpowering. It probably needs potting on and I should really try taking some cuttings so I can share the love.

The perennial wallflower (top right) and euphorbia purpurascens (bottom left) are in at least their third and possibly their fourth year in the garden, and both are really hitting their stride. Given the number of cuttings I’ve taken of both I’m hoping that by this time next year their offspring will have populated other corners of the garden too.

The primulas (middle right and bottom) were part of a basket container that I split up and planted into separate pots earlier this week. I haven’t had much success with primulas in this garden – which seems ridiculous – so I’m hoping these will buck the trend.

This final wallflower (bottom right) is a Sarah Raven number that was planted in tulip pots last year. I’m hoping that once it flowers I’ll be able to identify which one it is!

Head to The Propagtor‘s blog to see what’s going on in other gardens in the UK and beyond!

This week at Launde Abbey

Signs of new life were in evidence across the Launde Abbey gardens this week with winter aconites and snowdrops leading the charge.

My first job this week was to put in new tree guards and stakes around tiny oak saplings in the woodlands.

It was the kind of job that is, for me, one of the real draws of volunteering as I’d never need to do this in my own garden! And any job that requires hitting things is good fun in my book!!

Before and after

I got to explore a couple of new – but very different! – areas this week. The chapel (below left, obviously!) at Launde is the only part of the building that contains elements going back to the earliest days of the Abbey proper. It’s also the only surviving part of the estate that was bought by – but not lived in, due to the (SPOILER ALERT!) severing of his head from his shoulders – Thomas Cromwell after the dissolution of the monasteries.

The shed (above right, also obviously!) is one of a number of garden structures built against the outside of the walled garden, presumably dating from about the mid-nineteenth century. I’d guess that with the exception of the electric light they’ve hardly changed in the intervening 150 years!

In other news

I should be starting my return to work this week, after five months of sick leave. I have to confess that I’m not really remotely interested in going back, both out of immediate concern for my mental health and because I feel like I’ve moved on in a fairly major way in terms of how I really want to be spending my time and energy. So we’ll see how things go…

Happy gardening!


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2 thoughts on “#SixOnSaturday: Old friends

  1. I hope your return to work is happier than you expect. Your sarcococca flowers look so delicate, but must be tough to deal with winter conditions.


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