#SixOnSaturday: Small and bright

The inexorable march towards spring is continuing in the secret garden! I was talking to my mum last weekend about the fact that I’ve never tended one garden for as long as I’ve had this one, so watching a garden mature, seeing plants return year after year, anticipating where new growth is going to appear: these are all new experiences for me and I like them!

So this week’s six are…

Ajuga ‘Burgundy Glow’, a new addition to the garden last autumn. I love this new pink foliage, and I’m hoping for flowers in due course.

I sowed this wild marjoram from seed a couple of years ago, less for eating and more for the bees. I’m going to divide it very soon and put some in the raised beds and take some to the allotment, as well as keeping some in the pot.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a new self-sown hellebore. This makes me very happy!!

First daff of the year!

Raindrops on lupins. Sown from seed at least two springs ago, these are survivors. So far they’ve eluded slugs and snails and I’m hoping that they might see fit to flower this year. They’re in a shady corner at the minute but assuming they manage to get a bit more robust I will move them into the sun.

Plants don’t find it easy to establish from self-seeding in the garden because of the amount of squirrel disturbance during the autumn and winter. However, I’ve realised that if I strategically sprinkle seed round the base of my container rose which is mulched with gravel, plants like these aquilegia and nigella actually stand a sporting chance of getting a foothold in the soil.

Head to The Propagtor‘s blog to see what’s going on in other gardens in the UK and beyond!

Life on Plot 35

My last #SixOnSaturday featured my new allotment and over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed a handful of visits and begun to make my mark on the plot.

I’ve cleared the pond…

…created a rhubarb bed…

…and started a perennial border!

Baby steps, but I’m enjoying it so far! I’m hoping that I might get down for a couple of hours on each of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

If you’re interested, I’m trying to post more regular updates on Twitter and Instagram; I’m @mysecretgard on both.

This week at Launde Abbey

For boring and slightly pathetic reasons it’s been a couple of weeks since I made it to Launde so it was good to be back this week!

We potted up chrysanthemums and dahlias…

…sowed several large trays of seeds (tomatoes, lupins, sweet peas, aubergines and more!)…

…and enjoyed yet more spring bulbs. It was great to be back!

So all-in-all, I’ve been busy, busy, busy!! Looking forward to more of the same next week…

Happy gardening!


Twitter and Instagram: @mysecretgard

6 thoughts on “#SixOnSaturday: Small and bright

  1. I really like the picture of the Lupin leaf ‘holding’ the raindrop! I had a couple of seed grown Lupins but I can’t see any sign of them yet – I suspect the slugs found them first. The allotment is looking good – all the best with it 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’ve sown more lupins this week so hoping to add to the collection. These are currently well away from the areas of the garden preferred by the slugs and snails so I’m assuming that’s helped!


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