#SixOnSaturday: No rest for the wicked

It’s peak tulip season, as I’m sure is evident from the wealth of images from across gardening social media and blogs, so the time has come to join in the fun.

As ever, I bought my tulips from Sarah Raven. The main image is from the Bold and Brilliant collection and I think it’s probably Mariette. Top right, Spring Green, bottom right, Groenland, and bottom left, Artist, are from the Super Perennial collection.

I’ve included a little sprig of forget-me-nots and euphorbia amygdaloides Purpurea just because they’re currently looking great!

I have to confess that I’m feeling a bit underwhelmed by the tulips, but it’s more a reflection on circumstance than on the tulips themselves! Being away for a least three days a week – and I was away for nine days this last time – means that I’m missing out on the tulips themselves, a situation compounded by the fact that April showers have been conspicuous by their absence this year.

This inevitably means that while some bulbs are flowering, the foliage is yellowing and floppy and I’ve even had to deadhead buds that didn’t manage to flower. I’m obviously catching up with watering this weekend so hopefully still I’ll get a decent show over the next week or so.

Both collections are supposed to be perennial so it might be that all is not lost. But my perception of ‘perennial’ tulips has been shaped by those in my parents’ garden which were planted, and have been reliably returning, since before we moved into the house…in 1984!!!

Head to The Propagtor‘s blog to see what’s going on in other gardens in the UK and beyond!

This week at Waddesdon

The parterre

This gardening week at Waddesdon Manor was a very different affair to the previous two, largely because there were no oversized metal birds in sight!! In fact, for the first time since I started I spent most of my time in the area immediately around the Manor, which was a nice contrast, and every day was different.

Monday included uncovering the bananas in the tropical mound. Back in the autumn these were covered in plastic tubes which were then stuffed with straw and wrapped in hessian. A good number had survived and a couple had even started putting significant amounts of new growth.

We also spent time on the parterre, one of the most photogenic areas of the gardens, cutting back salvias to encourage new growth.

On Tuesday we continued with the salvias and did a bit of weeding. Then we moved onto the Aviary – one of Europe’s smallest registered zoos – and planted up one of the ornamental beds with lilac nemesia and peach diascia.

And then on Wednesday I worked with a group of corporate volunteers to plant 800 shasta daisies in a new bed by the visitors’ car park! These will be encouraged to naturalise in the grass and will, I think, be joined by other plants over the course of the summer.

Plot 35

Predictably, there’s been no rest from gardening since I got back from Waddesdon either! As well as having to deal with the garden, I’ve also had to attempt to keep on top of allotment-related things. I’ve only been up once so far – mainly to water – but I spent most of yesterday preparing plants – dahlias and peonies – for the cutting garden.

Today I’ll head up at about lunchtime where I’ll be joined by some friends with children who may or may not do some actual allotmenting!

So life is busy, busy, busy, but it’s all good and the fact that I can sustain so much busyness is a indicator of how much better I am, physically and mentally, than I was a few months ago.

Happy gardening, everyone!


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