#SixOnSaturday: Trowels, trees and tractors

So, I readily admit that this is probably one of my least interesting #SixOnSaturdays to date!!!

The main reason for this is that having busted my knee a couple of weeks ago falling over on the way to the hairdresser’s, on Wednesday I busted the opposite ankle tripping over at work at Waddesdon!

I’m currently held together with tubigrip and painkillers and spent yesterday afternoon trying to figure out how people manage to make using crutches look so easy…

Unsurprisingly, I haven’t made it back to Leicester yet so I don’t have my garden or the allotment to draw on, just this week’s Waddesdon tasks.

On Monday and Tuesday I was based in the Aviary, working with other members of the gardening team and with volunteers to plant this summer’s bedding scheme.

As with the parterre summer bedding, the Aviary bedding scheme is inspired by one of Miss Alice’s designs, and includes purple verbena, white bucopa, orange begonias, pale yellow petunias and pink and yellow nemesia. I think it’s probably fair to say that you’d be hard pushed to find a similar scheme at another National Trust property this summer!

Prior to my accident (which fortunately happened late in the day) I’d spent Wednesday working with a colleague to tidy up a few trees in the grounds that were damaged or blocking paths and mowing roots.

It was another of those jobs I’d never had the chance to do before and it was brilliant to work with someone whose knowledge of trees is far better than mine (not hard!) who’s also a great teacher.

He did most of the big chopping because it required equipment I’m not yet trained to use, hut I did get to wield my pruning saw for the first time!

More importantly, I got to drive the tractor again! A couple of weeks ago, I was trained to drive the smallest of the garden department’s tractors and promptly managed to break the door of the main greenhouse when I caught the trailer on it. Not my finest moment. Much paperwork ensued…

Wednesday was my first opportunity to get back on the horse / tractor after a quick refresher from my aforementioned excellent teacher colleague. It was a much more successful second outing!

Fortunately, my accident had nothing to do with the tractor so although more paperwork ensued, none of it cast aspersions on my driving ability!

It’s a bit difficult to predict what the next week will look like as it’ll all depend on how things go with my ankle. This weekend I’m in the slightly odd position of having two whole days to explore Waddesdon – the village and the estate – but being unable to drive or walk very far. We’ll see what transpires!

That’s all for this week! Head to The Propagtor‘s blog to see what’s going on in other gardens in the UK and beyond! And happy gardening!


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