#SixOnSaturday: Waterperry Gardens

I’m currently having what amounts to an unplanned but, as it turns out, timely mini-break!

I’m in the latter stages of recovery from last week’s ankle sprain but I opted not to go back to Leicester having found cover for all my various commitments this weekend. I therefore found myself with four days with no responsibilities but the ability to drive again!

On Thursday I went to Ascott, another Rothschild / National Trust property in Bucks, yesterday I went to Claydon, also NT and the summer home – to all intents and purposes – of Florence Nightingale, and today I’m at Waterperry Gardens.

Because I’m in the middle of my visit as I write, the rain is easing off and my cup of tea is nearly finished, I’m going to keep this short!

We have, clockwise from main image, helenium ‘Sahin’s Early Flowerer’, achillea ageratum, tradescantia ‘Blue Stone’, borage and calendula, dahlia ‘Askwith Minnie’ and cephalaria gigantea, my favourite spots from a wander round the garden. If any of them are available in the shop I fear they will be coming back to Waddesdon with me…

That’s all for this week! Head to The Propagtor‘s blog to see what’s going on in other gardens in the UK and beyond! And happy gardening!


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