#SixOnSaturday: How the other half garden

This week I’ve been back volunteering at Launde Abbey for the first time since early December. It was literally freezing cold on Thursday but three hours of winter tidying – mostly dead-heading and weeding for me – certainly kept us all warm! It was great to see the group of ten or so regular volunteers again, and there was much catching up about Christmas and … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: How the other half garden

#FoliageFriday: Not-so-random acts of kindness

I very rarely blog about #FoliageFriday (not least because I haven’t done it for a while!) but I wanted to give a bit of context to today’s contribution and maybe inspire you (how grandiose!) to do your own random acts of kindness this year! Regular readers of the blog will know that I do like a bit of propagation. The knock-on effect of this is … Continue reading #FoliageFriday: Not-so-random acts of kindness

Garden snapshot: 1 Feb – 6 March

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a garden snapshot, mainly because two weeks ago I was down in London and therefore I wasn’t shooting much in my garden! The benefit of that is, of course, that in that time things in the garden have definitely begun to change. The cerinthe major (above), for example, is looking really happy in its new home … Continue reading Garden snapshot: 1 Feb – 6 March

Garden snapshot: 8-20 Feb

I didn’t manage a garden snapshot last weekend so this one will cover the last couple of weeks, which is just as well as in that time I’ve managed far fewer daily forays into the garden. It’s probably no great surprise that I’ve found myself struggling over the last couple of weeks. When the weather got really cold I stopped going for a (more-or-less) daily … Continue reading Garden snapshot: 8-20 Feb

#SixOnSaturday: Retail therapy

A slightly left-of-centre six this week! I had a little garden-related shopping spree on Monday. It was my last days of leave before going back to work and I was definitely feeling a bit wobbly (and that was before Lockdown 3 was announced!). So a wander round Homebase did me the world of good! 1. I bought a couple of narrow trellises for my clematis(es? … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Retail therapy

#FoliageFriday: Sowing a seed

Today’s #FoliageFriday features (top) rudbeckia ‘Rustic Dwarf’ and cerinthe, (left) hardy geraniums, lupins and lobelia, and (right), more geraniums and lobelia, plus fuchsias ‘Tom Thumb’ and ‘Sarah Delta’ (probably…). So far this year I haven’t bought any plants, so far as I can remember. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty proud of that fact! But that’s not to say I’ve gone without new plants. The thing … Continue reading #FoliageFriday: Sowing a seed

#FoliageFriday: Climbers

I don’t usually write a blog post for #FoliageFriday but thought I’d put fingers to keyboard (or, indeed, thumbs to smartphone to be really accurate) this week. My garden, like many others, has been on the receiving end of some much needed rain this week so I’ve been outside far less over the last few days than in the previous two or three months. The … Continue reading #FoliageFriday: Climbers