#SixOnSaturday: The Platinum Jubilee edition

I’m back in my secret garden this week and it appears that I’ve managed – genuinely coincidentally – to rustle up an almost red, white and blue #SixOnSaturday! I acquired this astrantia – which I’m guessing might be ‘Shaggy’ – from the plant stall at Kelmarsh Hall last summer. I divided the clump into two; this half has done really well but the other has … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: The Platinum Jubilee edition

#SixOnSaturday: How the other half garden

This week I’ve been back volunteering at Launde Abbey for the first time since early December. It was literally freezing cold on Thursday but three hours of winter tidying – mostly dead-heading and weeding for me – certainly kept us all warm! It was great to see the group of ten or so regular volunteers again, and there was much catching up about Christmas and … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: How the other half garden

#SixOnSaturday: Purple (and pink) patch

This week I’ve been reminded, not for the first time, how much of what might be considered ‘successful’ gardening is just a fluke. As summer really starts to shine on my garden I’m surrounded yet again by evidence of rules broken, the main one on this occasion being that if you only have a small space you should stick to a limited variety of plants. … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Purple (and pink) patch

#SixOnSaturday: A view from the bench

I’ve gone for a slightly different approach to #SixOnSaturday this week, inspired by the view from my bench as I’ve either soaked up the sun or shivered in the cold this week! Simply put, this is what I see directly in front of me whenever I sit in the garden. I’m not sure I can claim that this is a ‘planting scheme’ that I’ve planned … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: A view from the bench

Garden snapshot: 21-27 March

I almost didn’t bother with a garden snapshot today – largely because I was out volunteering again – but then I thought that actually it might be nice to reflect just a little bit in the changes that the garden’s seen this month. Obviously the big one’s been the long-awaited arrival of the final raised bed. While on a lot of levels I wish I’d … Continue reading Garden snapshot: 21-27 March

Garden snapshot: 14-20 March

For the first time this year, I feel like this week has been book-ended by genuine gardening and that’s been brilliant! It started last Sunday when I finally got round to assembling and planting up the last of the six raised beds which now form the backbone of my garden. I bought the kits from my local B&Q under their Verve brand but I spotted … Continue reading Garden snapshot: 14-20 March

#SixOnSaturday: Bed time stories

In light of the fact that I finally got round to assembling my last raised bed last weekend, I thought the time was probably right to focus on what’s been going on in them. Conveniently, there are six raised beds (sort of…!) which that means this week’s #SixOnSaturday has required marginally fewer mental gymnastics than my tiny garden sometimes requires! Unfortunately, the aforementioned tinyness of … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Bed time stories

#SixOnSaturday: Miniature heros

This week in the garden I’ve been struck by a couple of things: the tenacity of plants that have gone through this year just doing their thing with little recognition or fanfare, and those that are beginning to make a reappearance having had a little rest for the last couple of months. The ivy (top right) and festuca glauca (bottom right) fall very firmly into … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Miniature heros

#FoliageFriday: Sowing a seed

Today’s #FoliageFriday features (top) rudbeckia ‘Rustic Dwarf’ and cerinthe, (left) hardy geraniums, lupins and lobelia, and (right), more geraniums and lobelia, plus fuchsias ‘Tom Thumb’ and ‘Sarah Delta’ (probably…). So far this year I haven’t bought any plants, so far as I can remember. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty proud of that fact! But that’s not to say I’ve gone without new plants. The thing … Continue reading #FoliageFriday: Sowing a seed