#SixOnSaturday: Acts of kindness

The focus of today’s #SixOnSaturday is motivated by two things. The first is, frankly, that I have no interested in braving the damp, the cold and the gloom on the off-chance that there might be six interesting things going on in the garden! But the second is that I wanted to reflect a bit more on my decision to attempt to be a bit more … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Acts of kindness

#SixOnSaturday: Over-wintering

I thought today I’d focus on plants that have spent the winter in my mini-greenhouse and have so far succeasfully survived the (relatively) cold temperatures of the last couple of weeks. I’ll be honest, there isn’t anything particularly thought-through about the way I use my mini-greenhouse! Most of the time it simply operates as an extra place to put things. But it does come in … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Over-wintering