#SixOnSaturday: Softly, softly

Soft yellows and greens are the standout colours in my secret garden this weekend! A couple of years ago I bought a collection of four or five ferns. Most fell by the wayside a bit – largely due to my incompetence – but this athyrium niponicum ‘Ursula’s Red’ has quietly made itself at home. I initially planted it in one of my raised bed but … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Softly, softly

#SixOnSaturday: New beginnings

This week’s #SixOnSaturday is a bit of a mish-mash, but, given that the last couple of weeks have also been a bit of a mish-mash, that seems appropriate really! Wallflowers (erysimum) are dominating the garden at the moment. I can’t remember where the pale yellow variety in the main image came from, just that this is now at least its third spring and possibly its … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: New beginnings

#SixOnSaturday: Out and about

Bit of a ‘news in brief’ approach to #SixOnSaturday today as I’m out most of the day selling candles and plants at a craft fair!! So I’ve cheated a bit with my six and used the stuff from my stall as it’s all plant and flower related! The candles are all floral scented: English Pear and Freesia, Rose, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Summer … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Out and about

#SixOnSaturday: Sleeping Beauties

While most of my attention has been focused on the allotment, the secret garden has been quietly but beautifully waking up from its winter sleep! So this week’s offering is very simple: hellebore, snowdrops (galanthus), hyacinth, grape hyacinths (muscari) and wallflower (erysimum). Head to The Propagtor‘s blog to see what’s going on in other gardens in the UK and beyond! Plot 35 Those who follow … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Sleeping Beauties

#SixOnSaturday: Small and bright

The inexorable march towards spring is continuing in the secret garden! I was talking to my mum last weekend about the fact that I’ve never tended one garden for as long as I’ve had this one, so watching a garden mature, seeing plants return year after year, anticipating where new growth is going to appear: these are all new experiences for me and I like … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Small and bright

#SixOnSaturday: Old friends

I’m mostly revisiting some old garden friends for #SixOnSaturday this week. This sarcococca is just outside my backdoor and at this time of year the scent is almost overpowering. It probably needs potting on and I should really try taking some cuttings so I can share the love. The perennial wallflower (top right) and euphorbia purpurascens (bottom left) are in at least their third and … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: Old friends

#SixOnSaturday: How the other half garden

This week I’ve been back volunteering at Launde Abbey for the first time since early December. It was literally freezing cold on Thursday but three hours of winter tidying – mostly dead-heading and weeding for me – certainly kept us all warm! It was great to see the group of ten or so regular volunteers again, and there was much catching up about Christmas and … Continue reading #SixOnSaturday: How the other half garden